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Participation Fees:
The Food Truck Rodeo is a fundraiser for the Parks Conservancy of New Hanover County. All funds raised from this event directly support New Hanover County’s parks. Beginning with the April 2020 rodeo, participation fees are as follows:

$200 - Food trucks/trailers (serving meals, entrees)
$150 - Single item vendors (selling only desserts or beverages)
$225 - Alcoholic beverage vendors

If accepted into the event, registration fees are due by March 9, 2020. Vendors will be notified by email on February 24 if they are selected for the event.

General Rules:
1. Vendors must have wheels and be mobile (i.e. truck, trailer or food cart).
2. Registration fees are due in advance to secure your spot in the event. The fee is due by March 9, 2020. Failure to pay the fee by the due date will result in loss of event space.
a. The Food Truck Rodeo is an outdoor event and is held rain or shine. The registration fee is non-refundable.
b. If the event is cancelled by the Parks Conservancy for any reason, the registration fee will be refunded.
3. No food and/or beverage sales are allowed without a valid permit. You must have a copy of the permit with you during the Food Truck Rodeo.
4. Vendors must comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the United States, State of North Carolina, New Hanover County, and City of Wilmington, including health laws and regulations, including but not limited to special events.
5. All prepared food items, meat, fish, and cheese sold must meet state and local health regulations including the inspection of the prepared foods seller’s kitchen by NCDA health inspectors, and labeling in compliance with the regulations. Sellers must have a copy of their inspection form with them when selling at the Food Truck Rodeo.
6. Smoking is not permitted in New Hanover County parks.

1. One truck/vendor space is approximately 10’ x 30’ for one food truck. Parks staff reserves the right to require trailers to unhitch if necessary due to space limitations.
2. Set-up time is 9-11:30am. Vendors must stay until the event closes at 5pm. The event officially opens at noon, but customers have been arriving earlier each event.
3. Parks & Gardens staff or designee will assign vendor space.
4. Upon arrival, vendors should check in with Parks & Gardens staff at the entrance gate for directions on where to set up.
5. Vendors must provide their own tables, displays, canopies, tents, etc.
As a vendor of the Food Truck Rodeo, I agree to comply with all stated regulations in the Parks Conservancy of New Hanover County Food Truck Rodeo Rules. I will adhere to all items stated above. I agree to obtain all necessary permits as outlined in the policies. *
I understand that if my application is accepted for the Food Truck Rodeo, I must pay my full registration fee by March 9, 2020. Vendors will be notified by email on February 24 if they are accepted or not. *
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