The Hartlepool Monkey: Homecoming
In 2017, Gyre & Gimble and Fuel created a hit stage show based on the tale that has survived the test of time and captured imaginations for over 200 years: the legend of The Hartlepool Monkey.

And now, in 2020, we are working with people across Hartlepool to explore myth and mystery (or the facts and history!) of the monkey who came to town.

Your stories, ideas and imaginations will be celebrated during the Wintertide Festival with a series of short films created by students at the Northern School of Art.

Join us in some modern, monkey mischief as we mark the legacy of The Hartlepool Monkey in today’s world.

You can find out more about the project here:
We would love to hear your memories, stories and ideas about The Hartlepool Monkey!
A poem about the story of The Hartlepool Monkey...
A letter from the monkey himself...
We would love to hear your responses to the following questions...
Have you heard the story of The Hartlepool Monkey before? When and how did you hear it?
Do you think the story is it myth or history?
Why is the story of the monkey so important to Hartlepool?
If you could create a new myth for Hartlepool, what would it be?
The Monkey would also like to know the following...
What is the best thing about living in Hartlepool?
Where is the best place to have fun in Hartlepool?
Where is your favourite place in Hartlepool?
This is an anonymous survey but we would like to collect your postcode to help us with our evaluation and to understand the reach of the project. Please enter your postcode below:
If you would like to hear about further projects, you can add your email address here:
Thank you so much for your help! Your responses will inspire a series of short films created by students at Northern School of Art to be premiered during the Wintertide Festival.
The Hartlepool Monkey: Homecoming Project is a collaboration between Fuel, Gyre and Gimble, BloominArt and The Northern School of Art. This project is supported by Arts Council England, Great Place Tees Valley, Hartlepool Borough Council, County Durham Community Fund, The Wellcome Trust, The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation. Great Place Tees Valley is funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England and delivered via the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority.
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