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Why was the Number 8 Union Formed? 
The Number 8 Workers Union of New Zealand Incorporated was formed because of worker disillusionment and disappointment with the current state of the union movement in New Zealand. In particular the current union movement’s support of a political agenda of the State to coerce workers into accepting so called ‘vaccinations’ in exchange for their jobs. 
We came to the conclusion that the way to prevent this situation arising in the future was to form a union devoid of political interference and to negotiate new collective agreements wherever possible that specifically forbid the coercion of workers to become the subject of medical interventions by the strategy of the threat of job loss for non compliance.
For the avoidance of doubt the Number 8 Workers Union forbids the affiliation of this union with any political party or the support of any person running for political office of any kind. Should any office holder in the union decide they wish to stand for any political office they must first resign their office in the union.
We are committed to the highest standard of health and safety in the workplace by the full utilization and defense of workers’ legal rights contained in both the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Health and Safety Act 2015

Please read carefully the following terms and instructions for becoming a financial member of the Number 8 Workers' Union of New Zealand Inc

Your personal details will be kept confidential and will not be shared or sold to any third parties without your permission. 

By filling in this form you are agreeing with Number 8 Workers' Union of New Zealand Inc Ts & Cs 

Payment Frequencies Available = Quarterly and Yearly

Waged Quarterly $65.00 or Yearly $260.00 

Unwaged Quarterly $32.50 or Yearly $132.50

Fees for immediate Union support - Please sign up for Quarterly payments waged or unwaged.
A union member will be fully supported by the advocacy team on receipt of a minimum ONE QUARTERS fees paid in advance. This ensures members are committed to being part of the N8 Union. If you do require immediate support for a PG or other employment action, please tick the check box to indicate this later in this form. 

References: Please use one of the following to reflect you chosen payment frequency:


Reference - W-Q (waged quarterly) $65

Reference - W-Y (Waged yearly) $260


Reference - U-Q (Unwaged quarterly) $32.50

Reference - U-Y (Unwaged yearly) $130.00


Reference -  D (Donations)

Here are our bank details;
TSB account Number 8 Workers’ Union Inc 15-3968-0114433-00

Please DO NOT set up weekly payments as our accounting systems is not set up to weekly payments.  This creates much more administration which we want to avoid. We want to spend time supporting members with their employment issues rather than the administration of payments. Thanks for your understanding.

Please Note - payments without identifiable references may be treated as donations. Please input your details correctly and advise us if you have problems at 

If your employer will be making your union payments, please contact us at

Membership Cancellation - one months’ notice is required in writing to

If your job situation changes from unwaged to waged you are required to advise N8WUNZ of this change and to pay the new amount. We will update your recurring invoice. Also advise if you become unwaged and wish to change to the lower fee bracket

For more details see our FAQ and come to our next zoom on FB.

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Fees Waged & self-employed who are earning

Quarterly (13 weeks in advance) $65.00    Reference is W-Q for payments                          

Yearly (52 weeks in advance) $260.00 Reference is W-Y for payments     

Fees Unwaged includes retired or ACC or self employed not earning

Quarterly (13 weeks in advance) $32.50    Reference is U-Q for payments

Yearly (52 weeks in advance) $130.00        Reference is U-Y for payments

Planning to set up an Automatic Payment?  We would appreciate it if you would set this up to automate things. Letting us know you have set an AP help us if we know to look out for this and avoid sending you unnecessary invoices. *
Would you like statements sent to you? This will be via email *
Currently in a union?  If yes which one?  *
Do you have questions? This form is solely for joining N8WUNZ. If you do have workplace questions please ask them in N8 Union fb group. You will need to answer the group entry questions to get access
If you require specific help email us at
Thanks so much for joining the Number 8 Worker's Union of New Zealand where we can truly make a difference to the culture of NZ unions for the Better!!

Kind regards,

General Secretary of the Number 8 Workers Union of New Zealand

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