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The Knowledge Exchange Inc. uses Google Meet® for our online classes. You will not be required to install any application, but a free google account must be made in order to use A working mic is also required and a working camera is preferred. *
Instructors with The Knowledge Exchange help when they can, they are not bound by any time quota. However, we do ask instructors to let us know by Sunday of each week of any change in their availability for the coming week. Will you be able to fulfill this task consistently? *
Before confirming your application, we require all instructors to have a brief meeting with us in order to get to know the applicant more. Do you agree to this meeting? *
Please review the following Volunteer Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability form provided below. By typing your full legal name (or guardian, if applicable) and current date, you, the "volunteer" and/or the guardian of said volunteer, expresses your understanding and intent to enter into this Volunteer Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability willingly and voluntarily *
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Knowledge Exchange Inc. does not sell, rent, or trade our volunteer Information to outside parties. We use the Information we collect about you to improve the educational services we provide, facilitate the volunteering process, and respond to any inquiries efficiently. *
The Knowledge Exchange Inc. reserves the right to accept or decline any partnership with the instructor if we believe that the instructor does not co-align with our mission statement or if the instructor is/has become a threat to the safety of our students/fellow instructors. Do you agree with these terms and conditions? *
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