Academic Development Committee Application

Texas A&M Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Office of Academic Development

Academic Development Committee (ADC)

    ADC Objective:

    Our mission as a committee is to foster the development of the members of TAMU SHPE, with our primary focus being on academics.

    ADC Description of Tasks:

    Members of the ADC help organize events such as academics workshops and MentorSHPE socials and challenges. Some tasks include creating and presenting workshop content, handling event logistics (emails, food, supplies, etc.), working closely with the MentorSHPE Representative, and other tasks, as assigned by the Director of Academic Development.

    ADC's Importance to TAMU SHPE:

    The Office of Academic Development depends on the help of a responsible committee to ensure that members of TAMU SHPE get the most out of their membership. Additionally, academic development is one of the SHPE Pillars, making this committee a core element of our beloved organization.
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