Textbook Affordability Survey
This survey is designed to help us better understand how students buy and use textbooks. It also discusses moving to Open Educational Resources (OER). It should take you 5 minutes to complete.

In this survey, we define OER as course materials, modules, videos, tests, and any other materials incorporated into a course that are available to students at NO COST.

This survey is intended to be taken by current UDC students and recent alumni.

This survey is optional and anonymous. You will not be asked any identifying information.
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Do you typically purchase textbooks required for your courses? *
How have you tried to reduce your textbook costs? [check all that apply]
Because of the cost of textbooks, you have... [check all that apply] *
Have you ever purchased a textbook and NOT used it? *
Have you ever avoided purchasing a required textbook for a class? *
Why did you avoid purchasing a required textbook? [check all that apply]
If you have not purchased textbooks for a course, how did you get through the class? [check all that apply]
In order to afford textbooks you have... [check all that apply]
How much can you afford to spend on textbooks each semester?
How much do you typically spend on textbooks each semester?
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If a course used an Open Educational Resource instead of a textbook, you would be...
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What do you wish professors knew about buying textbooks for their courses? *
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