Roosevelt HS Snack Shak
Please fill out the form so we can fill your Snack Shak Order. We will deliver your order to the school staff member you selected on Thursday. If you have previously submitted an order and would like to change it, just resubmit this form.
What is your student ID number? If your number starts with a 0, do not include that 0. *
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What is the name of a teacher/staff person with whom you feel you have a connection? Your bag of food will be left in this teacher/staff member's room or office for your pick-up. *
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PROTEINS: Choose up to 3 items
VEGETABLES: Choose up to 2 items
DRINKS: Choose up to 1 item
FRUIT: Choose up to 2 items
GRAINS: Choose up to 2 items
SNACKS: Choose up to 1 item
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