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Join the Best of the Best in Hospitality!
Thank you for your interest in working for Sugar Lake Lodge. We take great pride in the services we offer and we are excited to get the summer season going! We have a spectacular lake, a beautiful golf course, distinct lodging, a family-friendly restaurant, an outdoor pool, a beautiful marina, and an award-winning beach. Most importantly, we have an amazing staff! Each year we welcome over 100 new and returning staff to Sugar Lake Lodge and we continue to raise the bar in customer service each year. This is something our guests have come to expect!

If your application is accepted, you will be working with the best and brightest at wages that exceed most similar job opportunities.

Our guests are always complimentary of our excellent customer service. If we choose you, it's because we believe that you have the ability to perform at the same level that our guests are accustomed to.

Please complete the application below. Upon completion of the application, we will arrange an interview.

We're so excited to have you part of the team!


Gwynne & Fred Bobich, Owners

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