CEC Orientation and Ethics Training Make-up Test
Hello Pitzer students,

This is a message for all students that are taking a Social Responsibility Praxis course and/or are partaking in some form of community engagement work. If you have not attended the Mandatory CEC Orientation and Ethics Training, you will need to refer to the training video in the link is below the text. You are required to take a test in order to prove you know the material. Please take this online test in lieu of being able to come in to CEC for a physical test. Use material from video to answer the questions below. Records of attendance of our in-person CEC Orientation and Ethics Training and of who took this test will be sent to professors.

Please email us at cec_staff@pitzer.edu if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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Multiple Choice Questions
Please choose the appropriate answer.
The process of Praxis begins with :
The Cycle of Socialization is perpetuated by:
A person starting within the Cycle of Liberation is:
Equitable community practices takes into consideration:
What is an asset based strategy in community engagement work that addresses a specific problem?
Sustainable change is a focus on:
Understanding positionality is integral to community engagement work because:
Case Study Paragraph Questions
Write a paragraph of 4-5 sentences, detailing your analysis and course of action in dealing with the situation.
A Pitzer student comes to the CEC office to learn about Community Engagement Partnerships. The student asks a staff member, "Which one of these (community partner) sites do you think I should work with? I don't have much time in my week and I'm wondering which sites requires the least work and would be most convenient for me?" Reflect on this scenario and what would be your course of action if you were the staff member.
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A couple of students are outside teaching ESL courses to the day laborers at a community partner site. A man from the neighborhood begins to yell xenophobic and racial slurs towards the workers. He then berates the students for their involvement with the workers. Reflect on this scenario and what would be your course of action as one of these students.
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