Genericon XXXII Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest Entry Form
Put your skills to the test at our Craftsmanship Contest and be the very best that there ever was!

Thank you wanting to join our Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest. The deadline for this form is 11:59 PM FEBRUARY 1, 2019. Submissions recieved after this time will not be accepted.

Please note that time slots are limited. We will notify those accepted for the contest by 11:59 pm February 8, 2019, as well as those on the waitlist.

Please contact the Cosplay Coordinators with any questions at

Please also review the following rules and policies regarding the Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest:

Full Name *
Full First and Last name as it appears on a government issued ID is required
Contact Email *
What is the best e-mail to contact you?
Phone number *
Mobile phone number preferred
Character name *
What character are you cosplaying? Please refer to OC and AU/genderbent policies if necessary.
Origin of Character *
What original source work (TV show, movie, anime, cartoon, book, etc.) is your character from?
Do you have Reference Picture(s)
You may upload a reference picture of your character if you wish. The pictures will be used to judge accuracy and are required by the judges. You may submit them here or in person at the convention.
Division Level *
In which division level will you compete? Please see the rules and policies regarding divisions.
Preferred Prejudging Times *
Please select two (2) of the following blocks of time. A five (5) minute judging slot will be allocated to you on a first come, first serve basis. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your preferences, but there are no guarantees.
Special Accommodation?
Does your cosplay require extra space (wings/stilts/multiperson), is it an AU or crossover character (genderbent), etc.? Let us know. We will be in contact and will make a determination as per the rules and policies.
Genericon Cosplay Contest and Masquerade: Rules and Policies Agreement *
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