Industry Survey - Evacuations, Exclusions and Re-entry Practices
This survey hopes to gather information regarding current industry practices and gauge demand for additional research and development in the area of evacuation, exclusion and re-entry protocols.
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Our site regularly implements an exclusion zone in the event of? (check all that apply)
Production blast indicates all major firings. Other hazard indicators may be CAV/EI, ASR etc. Only check boxes if this has occurred more than a couple of times (not just one off occasions)
How do you determine the area of exclusion?
Once an exclusion zone has been implemented, the decision to re-enter is based on?
If you use blanket exclusions, how did you arrive at the period of exclusion?
Please briefly describe your process for reviewing data before re-entry, your specific rules for re-entry or the general trends you look for (and which charts, parameters if applicable)
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