Indie Hell Zone - 2020 Awards
Folks, it's that time of year again! Do game awards matter in life circumstances like this? Absolutely not, but let's just have some fun, folks. So, as usual, there's no way for me to know the full breadth of indie gaming in the span of a year, so Indie Hell Zone's game awards are entirely driven by you, the readers!

I will mainly accept answers that are indie games that released this year. However, there are some exceptions to expand your choices: games that received a major update this year and games that released earlier but were published to a bigger platform this year are acceptable. My justification for these exceptions is that they tend to revitalize games to make them feel like they came out this year, and I've lost my sense of time, so I may as well treat them like they came out this year.

Unlike past years, there's going to be two new categories. First is the Obvious Pick Award. To counteract the award sweeps that happened the last two times I did this, I will pick an Obvious Pick and any votes for that in any other category will be thrown out. So, I declare that Hades has won the Obvious Pick Award, because I know that a bunch of people will pick it. Congratulations, I guess.

The second new category is "Most Interesting." While this category may overlap with others, I think that the metric for "interesting" really varies enough for it to be its own category. Maybe a game has a novel mechanic that makes it interesting, or maybe it has a fascinating story with gripping surprises. Whatever the case, there are bound to be interesting games out there to vote for.

Honorable mentions - notable games that aren't up for nomination - have been mentioned in the accompanying article.

So as usual, this poll will be up until Christmas Eve, so get those votes in, gamers!
What game had the Best Gameplay?
What game had the Best Story?
What game had the Best Art Direction?
What game had the Best Soundtrack?
What game was Most Interesting?
What was your Best Indie Game of the Year, overall?
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