CFNOLA Powerlifting
And any feedback you'd like to share would be greatly appreciated.
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If you want me to continue this as an in-person conversation to best meet your needs, include your name (and email address!).
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What are some of your goals?
Is powerlifting class meeting your goals? Would you like a short CF Football-type metcon afterwards to build power/speed/strength too? More focus on Oly lifts (clean and jerk, snatch)? Let me know what you like and what you'd like changed.
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How are classes going?
Normal powerlifting doesn't start and end within an hour so I know it can feel either rushed or extra long. Let me know if this is true, how you feel the atmosphere of class is, what you'd like clarity on, things you'd like emphasized, whatever you need to tell me to improve class.
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Tell me how you're meshing with the style of coaching, what you would like to see changed, what's working for you.
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