YE SelfESTeam, Romania 2021

ďakujeme, že si sa rozhodol prihlásiť na Erasmus+ mládežnícku výmenu SelfESTeam.

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Self ESTeam. All poems matter is a Youth Exchange in which we introduce an educational program that promotes literature-based tools, as creative writing, research, role-playing, emotional introspection, performance, trust building and group awareness, thus creating a safe learning space for a peer-to-peer exploration.

Self ESTeam, mládežnícka výmena, je naplánovana na 16. - 24. august 2021 v Rosia, Buhor v Rumunsku.

Deadline na prihlásenie je 25. júla 2021!
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1. I commit myself to participate in the whole process, including: • to prepare myself carefully for the event and to do all remote preparation work the team will ask for, • to take part for the full duration of the event (mandatory condition for the reimbursement of travel costs and subsistence costs!) • to participate in the whole evaluation process 2. I am aware that obtaining a health and a travel insurance are my own responsibility and at my own expenses. I understand that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health. 3. I understand that I will share a room with several persons, and that the conditions at the venue are quite basic and rustic. I understand that the programme will be very intensive and that there will only be very little free time.
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