2019 Fall Suwon Family Day
This is 2019 Fall Suwon Family Day Application Form (Homestay Program)

Suwon Family Day is a program organized by Suwon Center for International Cooperation(SWCIC) that offers foreign students an opportunity to learn more about Korea and Suwon by spending a weekend with local host families.

STEP 1. Please fill out this form to apply for our program

STEP 2. Wait for the result
ㅇ Result will be notified on the 20th of September by email

STEP 3. Come to the Orientation (Meet your Host Family)
ㅇ Date: 28th of September at 13:00pm
ㅇ Venue: Suwon Hwaseong Museum, Auditorium

STEP 4. Enjoy your Home Stay Program

If you have any inquiry regarding this event, please feel free to contact Ms. Hyemin Kim
Email: hmkim@swcic.or.kr or hmkimsuwon@gmail.com, T: 031-248-9397
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▶ According to the privacy protection act 15 (collection and use of personal information) and other related act, Suwon Center for International Cooperation (hereafter “Center”) is required to obtain the participant’s consent to collect and use personal information as following. (☞ Items of personal information to be collected: Full name, Date of birth,address, contact number, email address, etc.) ▶Your personal information might be utilized when the center promotes the program, Korean Cultural Experiences. ▶ If you fully understand this agreement, please grant your consent to the center.
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