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What pronouns should I use to refer to you in the third-person? Select as many as apply. >>>If you’ve never encountered this question before you can use the links below to learn more about pronouns and gender identity and why it's important. We can’t tell someone’s gender by looking at them, so we explicitly ask people about the pronouns they use instead of assuming them. *
What is your current relationship to Pleasure? *
Where do you feel stuck? What may be blocking your access to vital energy? *
What is your current relationship with or background in any or all of the following: ritual, Spirituality, nature, ancestral healing, grief and/or emotional release, sacred sexuality, energetic practices, somatic practices, conscious communication, collective liberation work? *
What inspires you to seek this program? *
What are your desires for community support in the form of accountabili-buddy partnering so I can best match you with someone who has similar frequency and style desires? *
Where are you geographically located? (City/State/Country) this will help me match partners who may wish to share in-person nature time *
What are your current resources for support? Family, friends, therapist, coaches, pets, self practice? It will be important to be able to self resource in addition to the resourcing we will create together as a group. This class is not group therapy, nor individual therapy - both of which can be important and valuable at different times in our life and I encourage you to connect with them also as desired. *
What identities are important for you to be heard and seen in? Gender, race, sexual preferences, other?
Please confirm your availability for full participation in the group calls, community co-support and self practice: *
Are you ready to make a financial investment in this part of your life? (see Sliding Scale guidance for selecting which level in the event description) *
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