OATA Summer Deep Dive Session Registrations
Thank you for registering for this year's unique opportunity - Deep Dive Sessions that allow you to really master an area of curriculum for your program. These sessions are FREE with OATA Summer Conference registration, which is required in order to participate. Further information is available below regarding sessions offered. Space is limited for each session to 20-24 participants! If you register for the Wait List, someone will be in contact with you once space is available.
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Session Descriptions
Tractor Certification
The National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP) was developed by Penn State to meet the requirements for the US Department of Labor's Hazardous Occupations Order in Agriculture pertaining to youth operating tractors. In 2014, the Oregon Department of Education and the OSU Extension Service adopted NSTMOP as the standard of training in Oregon. Instructors previously certified through Oregon State University AG 412 or OSU Extension to teach tractor safety are grandfathered in, but should consider updating to NSTMOP. Newer instructors (both agriculture teachers and extensions agents) will need to complete the NSTMOP training to become a Community Lead Instructor in order to teach tractor safety.

This Deep Dive requires completion of a 2-3 hour online training prior Summer Conference. Cost of the online training is $39. The driving portion will be outdoors in the afternoon, rain or shine. Participants are required to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes appropriate for operating a tractor.

Class limit 20
Instructor: Danial Bolen, Matt Liscom

This deep dive session will allow each participant an extended period of time to develop and build their skills in using the Agricultural Experience Tracker. Participants will begin from the very beginning and be taken through exercises that will allow them to work in each section of the program. Participants will set up an experience, enter inventory, finances and journal entries of different types. In the end, every participant should be able to walk away with the skills needed to have every student in their program effectively using AET.
Class Limit - 24
Instructors: Kellie Claflin, Becky Haddad, Mike Wilson

Soil Science & CDE - FULL, WAIT LIST
This will be a hands on deep dive that will prepare you to better teach soil science in your program. The foundations of agriculture begin here, and we will learn how to introduce it to our students, engage and prepare them to successfully particpate in the Soils CDE, and also strengthen your soils instruction so you can authentically teach students who earn dual-credit in Soils CSS 205. Designed for those who feel they don't know enough yet to effectively teach soils and the CDE!
Class Limit - 24
Instructors: Wes Crawford, Braden Groth

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