Chromebook Needs for Possible School Closures-East Jackson Elementary
In the event that the Jackson County School System has to close schools due to the COVID-19 virus our plan is to continue instruction via digital learning when and where possible. In order to help us prepare for such an event, we are requesting information from you.
What is your last name? *
What is your first name? *
Do you have internet connectivity at home? *
If we held a digital learning day, do you have enough devices (computers, iPads, tablets, or Chromebooks) for your children to use while at home during the day? *
If the Jackson County School System was able to temporarily loan out Chromebooks to students in grades 3-12 would you agree to allow your child/children to use one at home knowing that it would contain the same content filters we use when students are at school? *
If the Jackson County School System was able to loan out Chromebooks in grades 3-12 would you agree to the terms of use, which involve returning the Chromebook and charger back to the school in the same working condition as when they were loaned out, knowing that failure to do so would result in charging you a Chromebook replacement cost? *
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