Museum and Gallery Form
Complete this form while inside a museum or gallery viewing art.

In order to receive credit, you MUST:
1. Answer all questions fully and correctly.
2. Show me a photo of yourself at the art museum or gallery (upload a photo at the end of this form or show a hard copy or your phone in class)

Your name *
(First and last)
Date visited? *
Name of institution *
Select "Other" for a gallery or for a fine art museum OUTSIDE the Seattle area. Non-art museums (e.g., The Burke Museum, The Pacific Science Center, The EMP, etc.) will not earn you credit for this assignment.
Type of visitation *
Exhibition and Artist Details
What is the exhibition? *
(i.e., what is the title of the exhibition or who is the main artist being shown?)
Record what you learned about the artist(s) from the artist’s biography or from talking to the museum staff. *
(look for wall text, brochures, pamphlets OR ask a docent or employee)
Seeing an artwork
Who is the artist who made the artwork? *
What is the title? *
What is the media? *
(what is it made out of)
What is the subject matter? *
Looking at an artwork
How does the artwork make YOU feel? *
Be specific (more than "good," "bad," "happy," etc.)
List the aesthetically pleasing design elements that you can identify. *
What do YOU think is the artist’s intent? *
To receive credit you must show me a photograph of you at the institution. Your face must be visible in the photograph.
Upload your photo here (or show me your photo when you get to school).
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