Please fill out the following form to apply for an audition for Little Triangle's 'NINE'. Within 48 hours of completing the form, if successful, you will receive an email with your allocated audition slot. Audition slots are in one hour increments, and your audition will take under 10 minutes. If we are unable to offer you an audition slot, we will place you on a waiting list.

Important Information
Sundays from 26 May (mostly occurring between 10am - 7pm)
Tuesdays (approx 5:30pm - 9pm) from 28 May

Full rehearsal availability across the entire rehearsal period is non-negotiable. The rehearsal schedule is subject to change due to venue availability and will be discussed with the cast when needed.

Show Weeks:
10 performances between 5 - 14 September
Saturdays Sep 7 & 14 will have 2 performances.
There are days off on Sep 8 & Sep 9
Note: Full cast will be required for Technical & Dress Runs which will occur between Sep 2 - 4

Payment Terms:
Each cast member will be entitled to a profit share in the case the production makes a significant profit. The exact percentage will be dependant on the final number of people involved in the production. Cast members will be given an agreement covering these terms.

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Any planned absences (i.e. immovable travel or work commitments) will require approval by the Producer prior to casting. Please note down any date(s)/time(s) that you believe you will be unable to make.
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