Stallings Parent Survey 2019
We want your input! In thinking ahead to the 2019-2020 school year and beyond, we would love your feedback on possible programs to help prepare our students for their future educational pursuits and careers. Your feedback will help shape possible programs so please provide your honest feedback by answering the following questions:
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Would you be interested in your child having a foreign language class offered during "specials" time? *
If we were able to add language instruction into our "Specials' rotation, what are the top three languages that you would like to see offered? *
Would you be interested in your child learning more about international cultures and global citizenship? Explain if needed. *
Would you be interested in your child receiving more integrated learning experiences through an International Studies/STEAM model (i.e. problem solving focus with global connections and science/math/technology/arts/engineering integrated)? Explain if needed. *
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