Transformus Family of Events Drone Registration
This form accompanies the Transformus Family of Events Drone Policy:

You must fully read the Policy before filling out this form. The completion of this form is an agreement to all guidelines and requirements as set forth in the Policy. Transformus, LLC may change and create further guidelines and requirements at any time. If there are any changes, the pilots will be notified during the on-site check in, at Center Camp, at 3PM on Friday of Transformus.

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Are you interested in filming the Main Burn? If yes, please submit your video link to your 30 second drone video. **Please note, Only ONE drone/pilot will be allowed/selected to fly during the main burn for safety of participants and aircraft. Two back up pilots will also be selected in case the first selected pilot is unable to film for any reason. Pilots interested in flying during the main burn will be required to hold FAA 107 Remote Pilot Certificate and insurance. Proof of both will be required prior to the event.
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I agree to check in at ______________ ___ during the hours of _____________ at Ignite for full briefing. *
I understand that I have filled out this form to the best of my ability. I understand that I am liable for any damages or harm that may incur by my drone operation. I understand that putting typing my legal name in the box below constitutes as my signature and legally binds me. *
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