Art World Expo Registration 2018/2019
Produced by MAB Ventures Inc. with support from the Make and Break Arts Foundation and established in 2010. We showcase local artists and strive to give them the best opportunities to feature and sell their work by producing large scale event galas, Christmas Fairs and engaging community events. We encourage the general public to interact with our vendors by providing opportunities to artists of all sorts at these unique events and annual showcases featuring an array
of out of the box artists, local and national businesses, as well as sponsors and advertisers who align with our core values. Everything from live artists working onsite to musical performances, fashion shows, interactive demonstrations and our world famous body painting and special effects make up competition can be enjoyed at our events. Art World Expo has been running annually in Vancouver since 2010 and we have created sister shows in cities across Canada
including Toronto, Edmonton and Victoria. We are passionate about featuring artists in our events. creating a space for the arts community to thrive and nurturing long lasting relationships with our vendors and participants.


Please note that sales of all products and merchandise at vendor booths are the sole responsibility each vendor. We cannot guarantee sales for each vendor but do our due diligence to promote each event widely via online and print medias, share with appropriate media channels and lifestyle bloggers, as well as feature each vendor in our show via social media, event listings, promotional videos, website features and/or special marketing opportunities. Our membership group, bi-monthly meetings and coaching calls are provided as a one year membership to vendors as part of the membership fee ($50 annually) to encourage excellent preparation before, during and after the event(s) in order to maximize sales at our events and long after via consumer follow up, customer retention techniques, and social media marketing training. Vendors are strongly encouraged to pay attention to all communication via email, our membership group and via coaching calls. Vendors agree that the onus is on them to review membership beneifts and to take initiative to book their monthly coaching call or in person consulting meeting and to attend free information training sessions in our gallery.

EDMONTON EVENT-MARCH 15, 2019-Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton AB


Polish Festival-September 8, 2019-Shipyards, North Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Christmas Fair-December 14, 2019-Polish Friendship Society, Vancouver, BC

Victoria Christmas Fair-December 15, 2019-White Eagle Polish Hall, Victoria, BC

SPECIAL! RENT A SHELF AT MONIKA'S ART BOUTIQUE: $100 month plus 20% commission on sales.

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