Monarch Conservation Webinar - Monarchs in the Rough
Register here for the February 2020 Monarch Conservation Webinar. You will receive additional details about participating in the webinar in a follow up email prior to the webinar. This series is a collaborative effort between the Monarch Joint Venture and the National Conservation Training Center. We look forward to your participation!

Title: Monarchs in the Rough: Evaluation of a Continent-wide Seed Distribution Program

Date: Tuesday 2/25 2 PM Eastern Time

Marcus Gray - Audubon International

Monarchs In The Rough was initiated in 2017 through a partnership between Audubon International and the Environmental Defense Fund to work with golf courses to plant & protect monarch habitat. Additional sponsors and grant funding was received to scale conservation up to the landscape then continental level.

In recent years, many companies and other entities have undertaken promotional seed distribution programs intended to benefit pollinators. However, information pertaining to the actual planting and subsequent success of plants is lacking for native seed distribution efforts. There is a dearth of quantifiable metrics that demonstrate plant growth or what response the intended target species group (i.e., bees or butterflies) have had as a result of any new habitat which is created. The assumption by many is that seed packets or larger quantities are installed and properly cared for to ensure germination and husbandry of the plants through to successful establishment. Furthermore, few (if any) activities have focused on long-term maintenance of sites to ensure continued benefit if it exists in the first place. A novel aspect of this work is bringing the golf sector into pollinator conservation in a coordinated way which has the personnel and financial resources required to manage a site into the future.
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