Svalbard Rock Vault: questionnaire
This form is developed by the Svalbard Rock Vault project ( to gain an insight into how geoscientists collect and manage physical samples collected during geological fieldwork in Svalbard. We sincerely appreciate you spending ca 10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire, which will be used during the planning of establishing a physical geodata-repository in Longyearbyen.

Your answers are anonymous but if you want to be informed about the project please either include your email at the end of the questionnaire, or contact us on

Many thanks in advance for your input!
Kim Senger / Associate Professor / University Centre in Svalbard /
Malte Jochmann / Senior Geologist / Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani /
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Section 1: Background
Which country are you currently working in?
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What is your nationality?
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Which type of institution are you working in?
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Section 2: Data collection
What are you primarily working on?
How long have you been conducting fieldwork in Svalbard?
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What type of data do you collect in Svalbard?
Please provide a brief description of the type of geological data you usually collect in Svalbard
If you collect physical material during fieldwork in Svalbard, what happens to it after your analyses?
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How do you share your fieldwork results from Svalbard?
Section 3: Svalbard Rock Vault perspectives
I support the idea of a physical drill core and rock sample repository in Longyearbyen:
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I would contribute own physical material to a repository in Longyearbyen:
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I consider myself a future user of a geodata repository in Svalbard:
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I support the idea of a digital catalogue/portal for Svalbard-related geodata:
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If a core repository was established in Longyearbyen, what analytical and sampling tools would you like to have included?
If a geodata repository was established, what data sets would you like to have included?
What other data types would you like to see included in such a geodata repository?
Section 4: Concluding remarks and follow-up
Please provide any additional feedback you may have on the Svalbard Rock Vault initiative:
I would like to be informed about the development of the Svalbard Rock Vault initiative and consent to my email being used for communication.
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