International Chapel Global Pass First-Time Sign Up


Thank you for signing up for an International Chapel Global Pass!

Why Global Pass? At I.Chapel, we expect and encourage interaction between students as part of the worship experience. We want everyone who wants to come to I.Chapel to understand the way we do things and commit to make Friday mornings interactive.

Global pass is a sticker that goes on your APU ID Card.

One you have a Global Pass, it is valid for your entire APU career. If some reason you lose your id or need your sticker replaces you can come to the International Center to get another one.

After Global Pass starts, anyone with a global pass can bring a friend with them on Friday morning, even if the person doesn't have a Global pass. We encourage you to have your friend sign-up for a Global pass and come back the next week to pick it up.

You will need a Global Pass starting Sept. 30, 2016. Show your ID with sticker as you enter UTCC.

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