Roll Call! 2020 Beer and Blog Reunion
To allow as many people the chance to attend our upcoming Beer and Blog Reunion meet-up, there are two days planned: January 17, 2020 and January 24, 2020.

On both dates, the venue will be Rogue Eastside (formerly the Green Dragon Pub) at 928 SE 9th Ave. (cross street is Bellmont) from 4-7 PM. #beerandblogreunion

This Roll Call is designed to get a sense of who to expect on which date, whether having two dates is really necessary, and what y'all think about Beer and Blog now and in the past. The only required parts of this form are "Name" and "which day..." so tell us as much or little as you like.

Thank you for adding your name and opinion to the Roll Call!

P.S. Do us a favor? Share this form with everyone you know who has ever been to a Beer and Blog.
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Conversations on Twitter suggest interest in holding Beer and Blog meet-up regularly again. Is that something you’d be interested in?
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Think back to when Beer and Blog was at its peak (which is defined for the purpose of this question as "whenever that peak time was, for you"). What benefit did the group give you that made it worthwhile to attend?
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Any comments or questions about Beer and Blog in general or the upcoming reunion in particular?
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