Church Ministry Questionnaire
Your church or organization has recently partnered with Love INC Portland East Multnomah County to serve the community as a unified Christian team. To help us better understand what God is already doing in your community, church and personal circles, please provide us with a little information about yourself. This information will allow us to build a supportive network unique to the needs of our community in the areas of financial, relational and spiritual poverty. 
* Please note: Completing this questionnaire is for informational purposes only. This is not a commitment to serve in any of these areas. 

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What are your "gifts of the head"? (things you know something about, and would enjoy talking about, or teaching others about, e.g., birds, art history, movies, solar
What are your "gifts of the hands"? (things you know how to do and enjoy doing, e.g., carpentry, sports [be specific], gardening, cooking)
What are your "gifts of the heart"? (things you care deeply about, e.g., protection of the environment, homelessness, education, children).
Please check mark any of the following Goods and Basic Needs you would be interested in providing for a fellow community member?
Please check mark any of the following support for a Helping Hand UP you would be interested in offering a fellow community member?
Please check mark any of the areas you are interested in supporting your fellow community member's Mental Wellness:
Please select the Educational needs of your fellow community members you would be interested in providing:
If there is an area of ministry not covered that you are interested in, please share below:
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