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Natural Building projects - Mapping information

This form allow us to create a base for understanding on what are the intentions and conditions related to natural building projects and/or courses for empowerment in auto-construction by organic local raw materials. After filling the form, we will be able to proceed with the next phases of the project, for the common co-creation of circular economy models.
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What is the name of your project / community?
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Where is located the land for the intervention?
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What is the tipology / functionality of the construction?
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What are the dimensions of the construction?
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Which are the abbundant and available raw materials in the land, and in the surrounded areas?
Which techniques of construction do you prefeer to use?
Equipment and tools available to support the construction?
What are the conditions to host a course?
What is the available budget to invest in this project?
Which month do you have preference to impelment the project?
What is the dimension of the universe of people reached by your communication channels?
Are you in agreement with provide us the copyright for recording photography and video during the project, in your land?
Thank you very much for your collaboration
We will analyse your answers and then we will enter in contact with you. For any question or more informations, please contact / +351 912408691.

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