APA-NYM Environmental Committee Interest Survey
We have some exciting plans in the works for the APA New York Metro Chapter's Environmental Committee and we invite you to join the action. Please take a minute to answer a few quick questions; it can be anonymous or you can decide to leave your contact info at the end.

Let's envision the future of the Environmental Committee together!
Which of the following topics in Environmental Planning would you find most useful/interesting to explore further or discuss?
Not interested
Less interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Climate Change
Resiliency and Adaptation
Environmental Justice
Public Health
Environmental Review
Natural Resources and Ecological Restoration
Sustainable Communities
How would you like to engage with the Committee and fellow environmental planners?
What level of communication/engagement do you prefer from the Committee?
About you, would you define yourself as...
In what sector of planning practice do you work ?
Are you a current or past member of the APA-NYM Environmental Committee?
If you want to get updates from the Committee, please leave your contact email here:
Your answer
The Committee is looking for new energy, would you like to join as an active member?
Any comments, suggestions?
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Thank you!
Thank you for you time and valuable contribution.

For further info and questions, please refer to the Committee's co-chairs and page at: www.nyplanning.org/committee/environment

or Aldo Treville at: aldo.treville@gmail.com

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