St. Nicholas Sunday Church School Poll
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Making the Best Decision for Our Community
Our St. Nicholas parish is blessed to be able to offer education on many fronts. We have multiple schools, each of which has developed its own plan for opening in the current climate.

Our Religious Education is no different. In order to best serve the needs of our faithful, while keeping in mind the safety of all, we invite you to complete this simple poll. Your response will help shape religious education here at St. Nicholas for the coming year.


• If it is determined that in-person Sunday Church School *WILL* take place, instruction will begin in OCTOBER
• If it is determined that in-person Sunday Church School *WILL NOT* take place, there will be NO ONLINE INSTRUCTION OFFERED

We thank you for your time and consideration! God be with you and your family.
Would your child(ren) attend in-person religious education on Sundays? *
If "yes", how many children in your family would be attending?
In what grade is/are your child(ren)? *
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