Columbia Triathlon Team 2016-2017 Registration
It's time to sign up for Columbia Tri Team for the 2016-2017 school year. Get excited for another awesome season!!
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USA Triathlon Membership
All of our triathlons require USAT membership. If you do not have a membership but would like to sign up, click this link! Note, if instead you decide to go with the one day membership for each individual race you must pay the club $15 per race that you use this option. The annual membership is $50 so if you plan on doing more than 3 races in the next year you should go ahead and get that!
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If you have a USAT membership number, write it here, or write N/A if this doesn't apply to you. *
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Dues are $50 per semester for undergraduates, $150 per semester for graduates, alumni, staff, etc. or $275 if paid upfront for the whole year. NOTE: If you are a non-undergrad joining after the triathlon races are over for the fall, it is only $100/semester.

It may seem like a lot to broke college kids, but remember that most triathlons cost over $100 dollars to register for, and that we offer free transportation and lodging. It's the deal of the century!! (Note that you must pay dues BEFORE we can register you for any race, or to be an official member)

How will you pay your dues? *
Go to Do Sports Easy and officially register on that platform for the club here: *
One last question: Are you a certified van driver for Columbia? *
That's it! You are officially registered to be a member of the Columbia Triathlon Team!!
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