Pandemic Addendum to Discovery Southeast's Participant Agreement
Sorry for yet another form to review and sign, however the new coronavirus’s global pandemic poses serious risks. With this form we’re advising you of additional risks and associated procedures that may occur in Discovery Southeast programs and you’re acknowledging and agreeing to them. If you don’t agree, do not sign this and instead let us know.
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Participant Agreement Remains in Effect.
None of the following modifies or takes away from what you’ve already agreed to in Discovery Southeast’s participant agreement. Rather, this form presents additional considerations to which you are also agreeing. In registration materials, in this form, and in program notifications, we provide information on the pandemic and our response. None of this information guarantees safety and instead it evidences additional risk.
You Acknowledge Additional Risks Are Associated with the Pandemic.
COVID-19, the illness associated with the pandemic, can be serious, even deadly, to all ages of people. Participants could contract it in a Discovery Southeast program, and could transmit the disease to others. Further, measures to address the pandemic in our program could result in other risks. Smaller group sizes likely mean fewer leaders will be with any group. Less time in buildings or facilities could mean more exposure to inclement, cold weather. Greater separation between individuals or groups could compromise supervision and/or communication between participants and/or leaders. All of this could easily lead to more errors, or confusion, or miscommunications that have serious implications. It could also lead to poorer-than usual decisions due to less input, less communication, or simply due to operating differently than normal. Medical responses for major or minor injuries may be complicated and worse than usual too.
Guidance and Protocols could be inadequate or not followed.
There is much guidance available from local, state, federal, and global agencies. It can be confusing and contradictory, or changing, and even when it’s perfectly straightforward it can be misunderstood. Further, leaders are human and prone to error. People may make mistakes implementing various guidance, protocols, or procedures, even those Discovery Southeast develops. You or your child, other participants, household members, or any other people may not follow guidance as expected, or may not practice the hygiene or social distancing you believe they should. Plus, there’s no guarantee of safety even if all policies and guidance are perfectly followed.
You’ll Make a Good Faith Effort to Comply with Discovery Southeast Requests.
You must accurately and openly report health conditions of the participant and their household/immediate contacts. We also ask you to in good faith support the participant’s social distancing, mask wearing, appropriate hygiene, and other requests we make to accommodate the pandemic
We May Disclose Health Information.
If someone is sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19, we may inform other families so they can determine what precautions they wish/need to take. While we may be able to do so without sharing the affected participant’s or family’s name, there may be times when we need to disclose a name or when identity is obvious even if we don’t disclose a name.
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