POTUS 2020 - Technical Assistance
Washington Improv Theater is taking virtual democracy to the next level of participation - welcome to POTUS Among Us 2020! If you're interested in lending your technical, behind-the-scenes expertise to the POTUS project, this is the sign-up form for you. This work will be primarily off-screen. Signing up to help with Technical Assistance does not preclude you from joining other teams in performance or non-performance roles.

Deadline to sign up for the Technical Assistance team is 11:59pm, Monday, September 14th.
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I understand that any POTUS-related content I produce and submit will become shared content. WIT has the right to remove any and all content from WIT-run online platforms. If the content is found to be objectionable or confusing, WIT reserves the right to add contextualizing language and/or to remove it from all WIT-run sites. *
Geography and Demographics
We are tracking the geographic information for active POTUS participants to see how the COVID-19 pandemic may allow greater participation for people not in the Washington, DC area. We routinely collect demographic information regarding participants in WIT artistic projects. We track this information against our diversity and inclusion goals for our programming. No information that you provide here will be used to reduce your consideration for participation or casting. We hope you will provide this information. Some questions require an answer, but there is an "Other" response option for some questions, if you do not wish to answer.
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WIT is committed to diversity so we track statistics on different kinds of diversity. This information remains private.
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WIT is committed to diversity so we track statistics on different kinds of diversity. This information remains private.
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This data will be used for tracking purposes only. The question of age diversity in casting has come up and to get a better understanding of the current patterns at WIT we are tracking this information.
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