The Financial Cost of NFP/FAM
This survey is for those who use or have used NFP/FAM. Your contact information will not be visible, but I may contact you using the email address you provide if I have more questions. The survey results will be used in an article I'm writing about NFP and accessibility.

In this survey, using "NFP/FAM" means trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy by tracking fertility signs, and not using pills, patches, implants, shots, or rings, or using condoms routinely. It includes tracking body temperature, cervical mucus and position, and/or hormones in urine, and any other method that relies on observing a woman's physical signs of fertility and not using medications or devices to change her fertility.
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What fertility awareness method do you currently use or have you used in the past for at least three months? *
How much do you spend on NFP/FAM supplies and services in a typical year?
If you have used contraception (not NFP/FAM), how does the cost compare with using NFP/FAM?
Have you ever chosen a method or changed methods primarily because of cost? Are you staying with a method you're unhappy with primarily because of cost? Have you ever quit or considered quitting NFP/FAM primarily because of the cost? Please add comment in the next question to give further information.
Please give more information about how you answered the previous question.
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Did/does your insurance cover any costs associated with NFP/FAM?
Did/does your church or diocese offer a scholarship, aid, or free services/supplies related to NFP/FAM?
Have you ever received aid or free NFP/FAM services/supplies from some private person or organization?
Has the cost of your method increased the stress of using NFP?
What else would you like to share regarding the monetary cost of using NFP/FAM?
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