NW NERD Feedback Form
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Nick and Dyer would like to hear your thoughts, criticisms, hopes and dreams. Thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback about the podcast.

On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate NW NERD podcast?
Love it
Why did you give the rating on the last question?
What parts of NW NERD do you like? Any parts of the show that you feel stand out?
What parts of the show do you feel don’t work, or could be improved?
If you could change anything about the show, what would the changes be?
Have you recommended NW NERD to anyone?
What issues within the geek community are you interested in / concerned about? (For example, NW NERD has produced features on "fake geek girls" or diversity in media.)
Are there any feature ideas you would like NW NERD to cover? Such as subcultures, events, places, artists, themes, etc.
Do you follow NW NERD on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Any final thoughts about NW NERD podcast?
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