Passive Park Survey
To gather your feedback about what passive park components you would like to see included on the upper hill and lower farm portions of the park commonly known as the Batey Property.

The survey should take approximately 5 minutes.

The 73-acre property has been acquired through a partnership between the City of Hendersonville and the over 800 donors who contributed to the Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula Non-profit Corporation.

It was purchased with the goal of creating a passive park for the Hendersonville community. A passive park emphasizes the open-space aspect of a park and allows for the preservation of natural habitat. It usually involves a low level of development, such as picnic areas, benches, and trails.

Note: Pictures shown are examples intended to convey the general characteristics of the park elements being described.

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Property Location and Identification
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On the lower farm property, what look do you prefer? *
On the upper hill property, what type of hiking trails do you prefer? *
Do you want mountain bike trails on the upper hill property? Mountain bike trails would be separate from hiking trails.
What is the best and most practical use of the existing house? *
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What is the best and most practical use of the existing barn? *
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Do you support shared walking and biking trails on the lower farm property, provided they are of adequate width? *
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Are you supportive of allowing 5-6 acres of land to be devoted to the local agricultural programs for educational purposes? *
Please check the park uses you would like to see incorporated into the passive park design. Also, please list any other desires. *
Please provide feedback on anything related to the property that you would like to see that isn’t covered. Include any historical or interesting information that you may know about the property that you would like to share.
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