Transformational Chief Minister of the Year 2017
India Leadership Conclave's selection criteria is time tested & transparent.Our robust voting mechanism are aimed at bringing a public consensus of the mood of the nation. The Jury & Organizing Committee have taken every possible steps to ensure fair selection. Each category has its own target audience & is backed by our rich research methodology where we invite/ask/appeal/ request ,the stakeholders to select their favorite companies or personalities. Many top leaders & celebrities are being selected through this process.

Here are the few features of how you can vote & How You can Cast Your Vote at your favorite Companies/Leaders*

1. All Code number of the Nominees are given below in all categories*
2. One Person can vote only once in all category, repeat vote is not allowed & negated*
3. Vote by SMS in Mobile costs only normal SMS charge, no extra cost!*
4. Vote by E-Mail is allowed for one person in all category, repeat vote is not allowed & negated
5. Via Online : at www.
6. Via Email : Type Your Code & Mail it to ( Example if your code is XXX, than type XXX & send to
7. Via SMS : Type Your Code & send it to ++ 91 7205388142 (Example if your code is XXX, than type XXX & send it to ++ 91 7205388142. This is a standard Indian Number & only standard sms charges will apply & those who has free SMS on the plan, no cost will involve. There are no premium charges. Only one SMS will be accepted at one vote & one category & repeated smses from one number will not be counted)
8. By Indian Affairs Group : Physical interviews will be carried out by Indian Affairs TV Journalists/Researchers to a sample size of 3.5 Lakh voters will be conducted in 16 Cities & will be counted in final votings. Please note that only 40 % of weightage are given to SMS/EMAIL/ONLINE/PHYSICAL INTERVIEWS to gauge the mood of the nation. 60 % purely rests on merits & Jury Members decision to give the real justice & make it transparent in our quest to find the real winners as we have been doing over last 8 annual editions.

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Transformational Chief Minister of the Year 2017 *
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