MAGART Easter Family Play Day! 瑪歌瑞特復活節嘉年華
Come and join us for an extraordinary Spring and Easter family play day! Play in and enjoy our inviting and spacious school environment, and explore all the fun and engaging learning activities including; sensory exploration, STEM challenges, science discovery, art & craft creating and an exciting Easter egg hunt!

為了迎接春天及復活節,瑪歌瑞特誠意為小朋友及爸爸媽媽精心預備了「瑪歌瑞特復活節嘉年華」親子活動!歡迎您和小朋友齊來歡聚,享受我們為大家準備的感官探索、STEM 挑戰、科學大發現、創意手工及復活蛋尋寶活動!

This event is promised to be a very happy and fun family experience!

Tai Koo Campus 太古校
Date : April 13 (Saturday) 13/4 (六)
Time : 2pm-3.30pm
Child’s age : 1-5 years old
Fee : $150 (2 children + 2 adults) ( 2位家長及2位幼兒)
*$50 for additional child 額外參加者每位另加 $50

Whampoa Campus 黃埔校
Date : April 13 (Saturday) 13/4 (六)
Time : 10am-11:30am
Child’s age : 1-5 years old
Fee : $150 (2 children + 2 adults) (2 位家長及2位幼兒)
*$50 for additional child 額外參加者每位另加 $50

Fanling Campus 粉嶺校 (Full)
Date : April 13 (Saturday) 13/4 (六)
Time: 10am-11.30am
Child’s age : 1-5 years old 歲
Fee : Free 費用全免

Features 精彩內容 :
- Spring and Easter Sensory Play 春天及復活節感官遊戲
- STEM challenges STEM挑戰
- Art & Craft Activities 創意手工
- Easter Egg Hunt 復活蛋尋寶活動
- and more ! 以及額外驚喜

MAGART students are entitled to priority enrollment and complimentary ticket. There are limited spaces available for this event. RSVP now to avoid disappointment! 瑪歌瑞特家庭可專享優先報名及免費參與,名額有限,請即報名!
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