National Men's Squad 2018/19 - Players Registration 香港男子投球隊
The Hong Kong Netball Association would like to invite eligible and interested players to trial for the Hong Kong National Men's Netball Squad for 2018/19. The squad will train on average once a week and will aim to participate in an international tournament in Singapore during early/mid December. Final details to be confirmed.
香港投球總會希望邀請合資格及有興趣的球員參加2018/19年度香港男子投球隊的選拔。球隊每週訓練一次,並將在12月上旬/中期參加在新加坡舉行的國際賽 (詳情有待確認)。

1. To represent Hong Kong National Men's Team, a player must be:
- born in HK, OR
- holds a HKSAR passport, OR
- have at least one parent born in HK, OR
- have Hong Kong’s permanent residency status.
2. Played and registered for the 2018 HK Netball League – Men’s Division.
3. Must be able to commit to minimal 80% of the training sessions stated below.

1. 代表香港男子投球隊,球員必須是:
- 在香港出生,或
- 持有香港特區護照,或
- 至少有一位父母在香港出生,或者
- 擁有香港的永久居留身份。
2. 參加2018年香港投球男子聯賽 。
3. 必須能夠出席最少80%的訓練。

Wednesday Evening 9pm to 11pm at Kowloon Park Sports Centre.
逄星期三晚上 九時至十一時 九龍公園體育館

PHASE 1: 1, 15, 29 August - Training and trial period for all applicants. Players will be watched during the Men's League and training performance.
第一階段:8月1,15, 29日 - 所有參加球員的訓練及觀察期。教練們將會密切留意參加球員在訓練及聯賽的表現。

PHASE 2: 12, 19, 26 Sept, 3, 10, 24, 31 Oct - Squad Training. A squad of around 20 players will be selected from the training and trial period.
第二階段:9月12,19,26日, 10月3, 10, 24, 31日 - 教練們會在第一階段中選出大約20名球員繼續接受培訓。

PHASE 3: 7, 21, 28 Nov, 5, 12 Dec Tour Squad Training. A squad of 15 will be selected and 3 non-travelling reserves will be named during this period.
第三階段:11月7, 21, 28日,12月5, 12日 - 最終15名球員將會被選進加入新加坡集訓隊,另外3名後備球員將會隨隊訓練直到集訓隊離港。

** Please note the above is just a draft format and details and time frame may be subject to change.

Players maybe asked to attend extra, individual or specialist sessions if required as well as complete individual programs as set out by the National Coach.

截止報名日期: 星期三 2018年7月18日 下午6時正

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