Christ Life
Life can be overwhelming. Too many worries, too many places to be, too many items on the to-do list. Do you ever wish for some way—any way—to slow down and really consider what it’s all about?

Where do you currently find your meaning?
Where do you want to find meaning?
Is it possible to be fulfilled?
These are questions worth asking.

Discovering Christ is for anyone who is curious. Listen to a thought-provoking talk that is designed to explore the meaning and purpose of your life. After the talk, you can share your thoughts in a small group (and talk as much or as little as you wish). It’s all done in a warm, friendly, and judgement-free environment.

Discovering Christ is fun, relaxed, and free.

This seven week course will be held via Zoom every Tuesday from 8-9:30 PM starting February 23 and ending April 6 with a Holy Spirit Retreat to be held on Saturday, March 27.

To sign up for this incredible Lenten opportunity to see the Holy Spirit at work in your life, register using the form below. Thank you!
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