Lagos Book and Art Festival 2023.
The 25th Lagos Book & Art Festival , LABAF 2023, promises to illuminate the complex intersection of history, literature, and society with its theme "History and the Darkling Plain."

LABAF 2023 aims to explore how the past inevitably informs the present, even as we look towards the future. Several books on the festival lineup directly grapple with Nigeria's colonial legacies, contemporary injustices, and the human experiences that often get lost in historical narratives.

Ken Saro-Wiwa's "On a Darkling Plain" will provide a window into human lives affected by extremist violence in Northern Nigeria. Olabisi Ajala’s memoir “An African Abroad” reflects on the realities of Nigerian immigrants in Europe. Nike Campbell’s "Saro" revisits World War II colonial Nigeria through the eyes of two soldiers.

These books demonstrate literature's power to surface urgent stories and perspectives that official accounts rarely capture. They reveal the enduring shadows cast by history while illuminating overlooked human truths.

Across 7 days, the works of writers like Nike Campbell, Emmanuel Iduma and more will explore identity, culture, redemption and intergenerational bonds shaped by the lingering shadows of history. Their literary perspectives reveal Nigeria’s past permeating its present.

By engaging with these multiplicities of history and knowledge, LABAF 2023 promises profound reflections on where Nigeria has been, where it is today, and where it is heading. The "darkling plain" is the space where history, literature and human experience converge and enlighten one another.

Come immerse yourself in new narratives and perspectives from leading Nigerian authors. A literary experience you won't want to miss! See you there, book lovers!

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