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Do you consider yourself a sissy? *
What do you identify as? *
Who are you sexually attracted to? *
Would you like to change your sexual preference? (check all that apply) *
Are you sexually attracted to men, or just cock? *
Would you enter a long term relationship with a man? *
Would you enter a long term relationship with another sissy? *
What is your current relationship status *
Have you told any of the following people about your sissy fetish? *
Have you ever indulged your sissy fetish with a partner? *
When sexually aroused, how often do you think about your sissy fetish? *
Every time
If you've been in a relationship, has your sissy fetish caused problems? *
Would you ever meet up with someone for sissy fun? *
How often do you engage in sexual activities with a partner? *
How often would you like to engage in sexual activities with a partner? *
What kind of sex have you had? (dildos by yourself do not count) *
What kind of sex do you usually have? *
What kind of sex would you prefer? *
How satisfied are you with your sex life? *
Extremely unsatisfied
Extremely satisfied
Have you ever had sex with a man? *
Have you ever had sex with a t-girl? *
What age did you become aware of your sissy fetish? *
How were you first exposed to sissy fetish? *
How long after discovering the sissy fetish did you realize you had an attraction to it? *
Do you often feel shy, self conscious or insecure? *
Do you have trouble talking to women or engaging sexually? *
Do you like being desired by men? *
Did you grow up playing with stereotypical female toys? *
Check all that you consider a hobby or interest of yours. *
When you're not a sissy, how masculine are you on average? (meaning having interests like sports, weightlifting etc; having a high-paying job or a physically demanding occupation. behaving competitively. If you are always presenting as a sissy and never as a man, answer "1".) *
Not masculine at all
Extremely masculine
Do you consider yourself a real man? *
How frequently are you in sissy mode rather than man mode? (Define sissy mode yourself.  It can be fully dressed, attitude...) *
I spend none of my time as a sissy. It's a fantasy
I spend literally all my time as a sissy
Do you believe that being a sissy is a permanent and fundamental part of your identity? *
What should a sissy look like? *
In sexual situations, do you prefer your clitty to be hard or soft? *
Would you prefer your clitty to be softer, shorter, and softer? *
Would you like to have female breasts? *
Would you like to have a feminine butt? *
If you dress up, do you prefer to be pretty or slutty? *
Would you rather take a cock in your mouth or up your ass? *
If you could permanently get rid of your sissy fetish, would you? *
If you could permanently remove your masculine side and your guilt about being a sissy, would you? *
Would you enjoy taking the role of a maid or housewife? *
What kind of porn do you prefer? *
Which of these characteristics do you enjoy in sissy porn/hypno? *
Which of these fetishes are you into? *
Among your fetishes, where does your sissy fetish rank? *
How long is your erect clitty? (Round to nearest) *
How large do you think your clitty is compared to others?
Way smaller
Way larger
Clear selection
How tall are you? *
How tall do you think you are compared to other males? *
Much shorter than average
Much taller than average
How much do you weigh? (Round to nearest) *
Check all that describe you *
How do you normally sit? *
Do you think your physical features have influenced your sissy desires? *
Have you ever performed any of these sissy activities? *
Check all that you own. *
Do you usually wear panties? *
Do you usually keep your legs and body hair shaved? *
Do you usually wear a chastity device? *
Do you usually eat your cum? *
How often do you masturbate? Any method. *
Do you regularly do any of the following when you masturbate? *
Have you ever had an orgasm with only anal masturbation? *
Do you usually feel ashamed after climaxing to sissy fantasies? *
Have you ever seriously committed to breaking your sissy fetish and then failed? *
Have you ever purged your sissy collection? Toys, clothing, etc *
Have you ever  posted photos of your sissified self online? *
Would you ever use hormones to feminize yourself? *
Would you ever undergo plastic surgery to increase the size of your breasts and butt? *
Would you ever have your testicles removed and your penis turned into a vagina? *
Who do you live with? *
What is your dream job? *
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