HHP Pedagogy K-12

As a future professional enrolled in Health and Human Performance (HHP) you will promote active living and empower others to make healthy choices. Our faculty and staff will work collaboratively with you to ensure that you are prepared to engage the community and enhance our health-related quality of life. The curriculum includes a combination of lectures, experiential learning, and university/community service to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of the profession.

This career program prepares students who desire teacher licensure and endorsement in physical education and health instruction (K-12). Since graduates of this program can be certified to coach, a partial segment of the concentration is devoted to content and laboratory courses designed to ensure necessary skills for both teaching and coaching.

Graduates of this concentration often look to secure full-time positions as K-12 physical education or health teachers, while some seek entry directly into graduate studies.
Students pursuing this degree concentration will also need to seek admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP), administered through the School of Education (http://www.utc.edu/Academic/SchoolOfEducation/TEPCHECKpoints.php).

Along with TEP admission standards HHP students will be expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in professional health and human performance course work and successfully interview with the TEP/HHP committee. Students enrolled within any teacher licensure concentration are expected to maintain and demonstrate standards of ethics reasonably attributed to an educator who holds professional teacher certification. Additionally, students who plan to teach outside the state of Tennessee are strongly urged to check the certification requirements of the state with the appropriate state department of education before the end of the sophomore year in order to plan an appropriate academic program.

For more information please visit: www.utc.edu/hhp