Happiness x pretty membership Form
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Your participation in the HAPPINESS x PRETTY MEMBER CARD membership is subject to the following BOTTOMS UP membership rules.

Please read the following application terms:

By applying for the MEMBER CARD membership, you agree that you have read and agreed to the rules of the membership and that the rules will be revised without further notice.

The personal data we collect will only be used for internal and identification purposes. We will never disclose your personal data to third parties.

Since each member's membership card is used as the main evidence for identifying the membership, members can check their membership account and redeem points with their cards. Members need to properly keep their membership cards and other information related to their membership in order to avoid losing or being affected. Unauthorized use.

If a member is lost or stolen in connection with a membership card and/or any other information related to his membership, or if a member has reasonable grounds for believing that his membership may be used by an unauthorized person, or his account and password are disclosed to an unauthorized person, Members must immediately email us at happinessxpretty@gmail.com and use the registered email information, or report to the store in person to request an immediate suspension of your account.

The shop is not required to assume or bear any legal responsibility for any loss or damage (including points, discounts and gift certificates) caused by the loss or theft of any membership card or any information or device related to the membership.

Membership card application method:

1. You can become a member when you have booked at HK$1000 on our website/store (The order must be settled before it is settled, and will be calculated within 60 days from the date of the order)

2. You can become a member when you subscribe to our website/store and have accumulated HK$2000. (You need to complete the order and calculate it within 90 days from the date of the order)

2. From now on, you can become a member when you shop for HK$ 600 for a single purchase (not including all reserved products).

Member-only discount/point reward program:

1. Store offers 5% discount on regular-priced items

2. Received $10 electronic shopping volume for 5 members

3. You can join our WhatsApp group (free choice group) to get the latest news.

4. Members can enjoy preferential discounts on connected products: Including exemption from deposit and cash on delivery, if abandoned, the abstaining party will permanently cancel the loan.

5. Enjoy exclusive member shopping discount

6. Website / store reservation consumption amount can be used as an integral gift exchange or product

7. Double points for members' birthday month

Membership card details:

1. Each person can only apply for one membership, please use real name and phone number/email application to search for information

2. This offer is not shared with any offers and discounts or redeemed for cash

3. If you lose your membership card, you need to pay $30 fee

4.Member shopping, redemption gifts must show a valid membership card before checkout in order to enjoy the benefits

5. Our staff has the right to ask for proof and check the membership (student card / photo ID)

6. If there is any dispute, Bottomsup / happinessxpretty reserves the right to make the final decision

Point Rewards Program:

1. This plan is only applicable to website / store products, all points, will be updated after each order is completed

2. The consumption amount of using the member shopping volume will not be accumulated in the member point reward plan

3. You can accumulate 1 point for any purchase over $100

4. Do not accept any reason and single, all document points and silver code must be processed independently

5. Accumulation of all points is valid for one year. Members must use the points within the validity period of the meeting, otherwise all points will be cancelled.

(only for Hong Kong customers)

Hkd $100 = 1 point (all silver codes/credits are calculated for each ticket number, ie 1 point for a single spend of $100 or more, and 3 points for a booking order of $385 for a completed transaction.

30 points = $10 MCDONALD coupon

50 points = $25 Starbucks coupon

80 points = $50 movie ticket

100 points = 50 US dollars × 3 cash coupons
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