Conclave Service Survey
The conclave committee would like to know what service positions members would like to staff in. Please read through the descriptions of each position and let us know what positions you would like to serve in.
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Food Service

Roles and Responsibilities:
Responsible for the planning, preparing serving and recovery from all meals and cracker barrels at conclave.
Ensures the dining hall and kitchen are left in satisfactory condition at the end of conclave.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Responsible for reducing the environmental impact of conclave on camp.
Encourage and facilitate the use of reusable/environmentally friendly food and drinking containers.
Work with the camp ranger and our contracted waste removal company to ensure adequate opportunities for recycling are available.
Ensure adequate trash and recycle containers are maintained around camp.
Make sure all trash and recycling has been removed from camp and deposited in the correct dumpsters for removal from the property at the end of conclave.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Responsible for the check-in/out of conclave participants and guests.
Responsible for the housing of all conclave participants.
Provide competent medical authority for duration of the conclave.
Provide for physical security of vehicle access to camp properties during conclave.
Provide for "reasonable accommodations" for guest who need and ask for them.
Provide a team of "ambassadors" to answer questions and direct guests around camp.
Staff a concierge desk/information booth for our guest to bring concerns to.
Program Support
Roles and Responsibilities:
Provide a reliable workforce for the set up and tear down of conclave program areas as needed.
Ensure adequate facilities and equipment are available for activities, trainings and shows.
Provide a "Rapid Reaction Force" to respond the changing needs throughout conclave.
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Food Service
Program Support
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