Internship Opportunities for Underprivileged Students : Registration Form
Dear Friends,
We are pleased to introduce the Inspire Internship Program, designed to offer valuable internship opportunities to students who received Inspire Financial Assistance (IFA). Your participation in this program as potential employers can greatly impact the lives of these students and contribute significantly to their professional development.

Internship Program Overview:
Internships play a vital role in a student's educational journey, offering hands-on experience essential for future employment. Unfortunately, IFA students often face challenges accessing high-quality internships due to limited networks and resources. Inspire Society is committed to bridging this gap by connecting these students with employers like you, dedicated to offering meaningful internships.

Types of Internships:
1. Compulsory Internship: Integral to academic curriculum requirements, lasting 3 to 6 months.
2. Voluntary Internship: Self-initiated during breaks for skill enhancement, with flexible durations.

Internship Details:
1. Employers should ensure a conducive learning environment, providing personalized attention.
2. Employer may offer a reasonable monthly allowance based on industry practice.
3. Duration may vary based on academic requirements by the universities 
4. Student availability will be based on the respective universities’ academic calendars.

Kindly fill up this registration form with details on the internship offered. 

For further details or to participate, please reach out to our Project Lead, Jega at  012-7100453.

Thank You
Inspire Society
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Your support is truly appreciated. We will be in touch to discuss further details. 
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