Volunteer Signup Survey - #KillingtonWC (Sept 8-10, 2017)
Emgee Events will use this information to determine and assign staff roles, allocate resources and craft the best team possible for the 2017 Killington IDF World Cup & Freeride. It is of utmost importance that we have a cohesive, reliable, sizable and 100% on-point volunteer team. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. Let's have FUN!

PLEASE - ONLY FILL THIS SURVEY if you are at least 95% sure that you can volunteer, and ONLY select the days for which you can work! If you're on the fence, don't fill the survey until you know for sure that you are ready and able to work.

Responding to this survey does not guarantee a volunteer position, and preference will be given to those who are the most flexible, have the most experience, and can work the most days. That said, we need a lot of staff, so chances are good that you will be selected!

You will be working hard, but we will make sure to have fun, treat you well and hook up some awesome gear. Furthermore you'll get some great event management experience, and you'll be contributing to the survival and growth of our downhill scene. Thank you in advance for your generous help - it is absolutely essential to the success of this event!

-Mike Girard, CEO, Emgee Events LLC; Organizer, Killington World Cup; Founder & Organizer, Central Mass Skate Festival.

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Best way to reach you. You may be called or texted regarding volunteer duties, scheduling, etc.
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What days can you help? *
Please only select the days that you are absolutely sure you can work, and please assume that you might need to work as early as 7am and as late as 8pm. Examples of the staff roles for each day are listed
What additional resources do you have (or have access to) that could be useful before/during/after the event?
Please only select options that are in good working order, that you have permission to use, and which you are skilled at handling
What size shirt do you wear? (Unisex) *
This would be the size of your official Event Staff shirt
Are you vegetarian? *
We will provide lunch for members of all-day staff (e.g. full day corner marshals, general staff, etc.)
Do you have any allergies? If so, what are they?
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Contact name & # in case of emergency? *
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Do you have any skate Event Staff / volunteer experience? *
If so, what?
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What do you consider to be your strongest skill or skills? *
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What would be your IDEAL volunteer role(s) / staff position(s)? *
What are you best at and/or most willing to do? E.g. Hay crew, Corner marshal, audio equipment manager, sponsor activation/hospitality manager, registration staff, media team, etc.
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What volunteer role(s) / staff position(s) would you be ABSOLUTELY UNWILLING to do, if any?
Flexibility is appreciated and valuable, but we understand if there are certain things you can't do due to medical or other reasons.
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Anything you'd like to add? Feedback from previous years volunteering? Questions?
Fire away! And thanks again for filling this out!
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