BoneJ Community Survey

This survey is a first step in quantifying how BoneJ is being used and how you, the community, would wish it to be developed in the future. Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with us.

The BoneJ team
Your details
Full name
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Your use of BoneJ
In which research or other areas have you used BoneJ?
Projects in which you've used BoneJ
List the names of projects. Please provide a URL if available
Your answer
Papers you have published using BoneJ
List citation details. If there is a DOI for the paper, please just add that instead
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Other communities' use of BoneJ
Are you aware of other projects (apart from your own) using BoneJ?
List the names of projects. Please provide a URL if available
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The importance of BoneJ in your work
How often do you use BoneJ in your work?
How many of your publications have used results from BoneJ in some way?
Your answer
How important would you rate the functionality provided by BoneJ in your work?
Developments to BoneJ
How important do you rate the following future developments to BoneJ?
Not at all important
Slightly important
Critically important
Improved packaging of BoneJ as a mature product
Improved test suite
Compatibility with ImageJ2
Documentation on how BoneJ works
Quick start guide(s) on using BoneJ
Comments on the above - for those developments that are important to you, what would you like to see, and what should be considered?
Your answer
Are there any other developments you'd like to see in BoneJ?
Your answer
The BoneJ website
How good is the BoneJ website overall?
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following about the website?
Totally disagree
Strongly agree
The website contains the information needed to use BoneJ
As a developer, the website contains information needed to develop BoneJ
It is easy to find the information you need on the website
What do you think needs to be improved on the website (and why)? If you have any specific suggestions, please let us know
Your answer
Developing with BoneJ
To what extent have you modified/extended the BoneJ source code?
If you have modified/extended BoneJ, have you contributed this change back to BoneJ?
If your answer to the above question was 'No', why haven't you contributed your change back?
Your answer
Is it clear how to contribute (e.g. source code, documentation, tutorials) to the BoneJ project?
Would you be interested in assisting the BoneJ project in the following critical areas?
Yes, I'm interested
Not at the moment
Writing tutorials
Writing documentation
Maintaining the core of BoneJ
Porting C/C++ contributed code to BoneJ
Testing contributed code
Integrating contributed code into BoneJ
Evaluating the website
Improving the website
Maintaining the website
Writing a case study on how BoneJ was used in your work
Do you have any comments on the above? Such as is there anything you think is missing that you'd like to help out on?
Your answer
Final comments
Do you have any final comments or suggestions regarding the above or BoneJ in general?
Your answer
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