Cumberland County Schools - Gifted & Talented Student Survey
As a student, please answer each question. These results will be used to better meet your needs, and help you reach your goals in life.
Please check the top 3 ways you prefer to learn
Which subject or subjects do you feel you are learning the most in?
Check the name of the class or subject, or use the other box.
Thinking about the question you just answered above, why do you feel you are learning the most in that class?
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What would be the greatest thing your teachers could do to help you learn at higher levels?
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On a scale of 1 to 5, do you feel your learning needs are being met at school?
No, never
Yes, all the time
Do you have suggestions for us in order to improve Gifted & Talented services?
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Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey!
If you have any further questions, please see your guidance counselor or get in touch with Mrs. Sue-Elise Flowers.
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